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N Supermarket is set to provide an elaborate range of items from Rich Fruit Cake, Salted Cashew Nut, Chocolate Biscuit, etc., to Vegetables, Cosmetics, Household Articles, etc. The grocery items are mostly packed under the brand name of N stores. The items are kept hygienically, in attractive look and in a manner to retain their freshness. With the N Supermarkets, a network is well-established for sourcing of fresh items from the farmers in the local region. Our enterprise also provides opportunity for franchise. Being one of oldest retailing ventures in India, we are a highly experienced franchise solution provider in the domain. 

Kapi Kadai

The restaurant chain of N Stores, Kapi Kadai is set to offer a mix of a variety of foods. From traditional home cooked Indian meals to contemporary items like salads, sandwiches, various desserts, coffee & tea. From our centralized bakery & kitchen at Krishnagiri, we provide baked products. The final preparation is done in front of customers and food is served hot. Through our wide experience in the field and, being a renowned brand name in the marketplace, we are also offering Franchise solutions of Kapi Kadai for the customers countrywide.

Advantages of Our Franchise

There are numerous advantages for getting the franchise of N store for supermarkets and restaurants, such as:

  • It helps in starting business for yourself, but not by yourself.
  • We make the operator to feel free in running the business independently.
  • The brand name is already well recognized and widespread in the marketplace.
  • Our proven methods of work enhance the chance of business success for operators.
  • We provide training, guidance for advertising, operational assistance, management support, access to bulk purchasing, etc.
  • The franchise agreement with us enable our customers to maintain consistency & convenience for meeting customers satisfaction.



Our Bakery is well-set as per the international trends and standards. The resources that are installed at our Bakery are imported from Switzerland, France and Belgium. Our team of bakers is trained from the professionals in the field from these countries.

Packaging & Private Labelling for Bakery: We provide standard grade packaging and specified special packaging to the items such as Salted Cashew Nut, Chocolate Biscuit, Rich Fruit Cake, Roasted Cashew Nut, Baked Biscuit, etc. through premium quality material.


It is proven that good packaging can take the product far. The packaging is responsible for retaining the quality of product during long deliveries. We provide contract based packaging based on the requirements of customers so that, they can promote their brand. Through the packaging, we make the products look appealing & eye catching so, the end-consumer reaches to that product only. Our offered contract based packaging is available for grains, staples, seeds, pet food, confectionery, masalas, spices, short eats, wafers and lot more. 

Features of Our Packing Unit

  • Hygiene: State-of-the-art machinery installed at our unit allow us to provide clean and hygienic product packaging without any compromise.
  • Speed: The installed machines are high in performance and easy to operate so that, the speed of work remains constant.
  • Economical: The entire packaging chain is set to meet the desired quality of results within minimum time span at highly reasonable cost. 
  • Weighing accuracy: The installed machines are precisely built with weighing system in order to have precise packaging with reliable accuracy all the times. This leads to perfect finishing and sealing.
  • Consultation: Our experts provide the best solutions for packaging from material selection to designing and, product life during storage & shipment.